Bottle Bill–Yes on 2

On November 4, 2014, voters will be asked to endorse an update to the state’s bottle bill. For a clean environment: Vote Yes on Question 2. 

Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham provides a cogent analysis of why the bottle bill should be a no brainer in her September 14 column.



The Bottle Bill is the state’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program. Since the Bottle Bill’s inception in 1982, over 35 billion containers have been redeemed, contributing to a healthier environment, cleaner and safer communities, and a stronger economy. But to keep up with the times and consumer’s tastes, the bottle bill must be updated.

An amazing 80% of beverages that are covered by the bottle bill are redeemed/recycled. But sadly, only 22% of non-deposit containers are recycled. The rest become litter, or are thrown in the trash. Updating our bottle bill to include water and juice bottles would boost recycling, save our communities the cost associated with disposal and litter cleanup, and conserve valuable resources.

This bill would:

  1. Increase Recycling
  2. Decrease Litter
  3. Create more Jobs
  4. Decrease Trash Going to our Landfills
  5. Reestablish the Clean Environment Fund

The large majority of the public supports an update to the bottle bill. The deposit is 100% refundable, and the public knows the bottle bill’s value.

Because the Mass legislature has refused to pass the updated bottle bill in the last two legislative sessions, the voters are being asked to vote on the bill this November. Let’s clean up our parks and our streets by making water and juice bottles returnable, just like beer and soda. Vote Yes on Question 2.