Monthly Archives: December 2012

Time To Confront Climate Change

The Obama administration must use its executive power to address climate change, argues the New York Times.

EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Step Down

According to the New York Times:

Lisa P. Jackson is stepping down as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency after a four-year tenure that began with high hopes of sweeping action to address climate change and other environmental ills but ended with a series of rear-guard actions to defend the agency against challenges from industry, Republicans in Congress and, at times, the Obama White House.

Jackson did succeed  in having greenhouse gases that cause climate change recognized as pollutants that can be regulated by the EPA.  Read more.

Seattle Mayor Orders Divestment from Fossil Fuels

“Along with encouraging the pension funds to divest, Mayor Mike McGinn also committed to making sure that city funds stay out of the fossil fuel industry, writing, “The City’s cash pool is not currently invested in fossil fuel companies, and I already directed that we refrain from doing so in the future.”  Seattle is taking to heart the new campaign of 350.0rg, which is asking universities and large pension funds to stop funding the fossil fuel industry. Read more.