Mass High Court Upholds Climate Mandate

Conservation Law Foundation released a statement this afternoon regarding a historic decision by the state's highest court enforcing the Global Warming Solutions Act. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court released its decision today in Kain et al. v. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), affirming the State’s obligations under the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) … Continue reading Mass High Court Upholds Climate Mandate

‘New’ nuclear reactors? Same old story

The two main obstacles to new designs for nuclear reactors are still exactly the same: cost and unforeseen technical problems: The nuclear industry is forever reinventing itself with one brilliant 'new' idea after another, Amory Lovins wrote in this classic 2009 essay. But whether it's touting the wonders of future SMRs, IFRs or LFTRs, the … Continue reading ‘New’ nuclear reactors? Same old story

Letter: SSU urged to divest from fossil fuel companies

In today's Salem News: To the editor: In order to limit the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius, 80 percent of currently listed fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground, unburnable, as stranded assets. It is unconscionable for Salem State University to continue to profit from fossil fuel companies and investments … Continue reading Letter: SSU urged to divest from fossil fuel companies