SAFE Environmental Ballot Forum 2014

October 7, 7 pm First Church in Salem, 316 Essex St. Make an informed choice on the ballot questions this November. Come to the SAFE Environmental Ballot Forum 2014. Find out why local environmental groups support a NO vote on Question 1 (Gas Tax) and a YES vote on Question 2 (Bottle Bill). Speakers are … Continue reading SAFE Environmental Ballot Forum 2014

Bottle Bill–Yes on Question 2

The primary is over and the general election looms. This year's ballot includes several referendums, including Question 2, which gives voters the chance to do what the legislature has refused to do: update the Bottle Bill. Yvonne Abraham's September 14 column in the Boston Globe cogently explains why voters should vote Yes on Question 2. Now … Continue reading Bottle Bill–Yes on Question 2