Lawrence–Gas System Failure–AGAIN

It’s with sadness and frustration that SAFE, a member of the Gas Leaks Allies, a broad coalition of more than 20 organizations and researchers, heard the news this morning about the gas leak and resulting evacuation in the Lawrence. Based on our recent report, Rolling the Dice, along with the finding of uncapped distribution pipes in areas where gas … Continue reading Lawrence–Gas System Failure–AGAIN

350 MA Releases 2017-18 Legislative Agenda

SAFE has been collaborating with 350MA and is happy to express support for this year's legislative agenda. This year's priorities are renewable energy, improving infrastructure to stop methane gas leaks, and stopping the expansion of gas pipelines that will carry fracked gas to coastal communities for export: Stop the Pipeline Tax ✧ Oppose any legislative … Continue reading 350 MA Releases 2017-18 Legislative Agenda