Stop Natural Gas Leaks

SAFE is concerned about natural gas leaks in our city because the leaks:

  • Cause climate change
  • Kill trees
  • Are potentially explosive
  • Hurt human health
  • Cost ratepayers

In the summer of 2016, SAFE identified over 250 leaks in a survey of the city. By contrast National Grid reported only 62 leaks.

Dr. Marcos Luna, professor of geography at Salem State University and coordinator of the graduate GIS program, explains the process of surveying Salem’s gas leaks in this presentation.

In November 2017, SAFE presented data on Salem’s gas leaks at a public forum titled “The Hidden Costs of Salem’s Gas Leaks.” Featured speakers included Dr. Luna, Dr. Nathan Phillips from Boston University, Bob Ackley of Gas Safety Inc., and Mayor Kim Driscoll.  

Salem City Councilor Steve Dibble has proposed a revision to the City’s ordinance on managing and eliminating natural gas leaks that would provide for better coordination between National Grid and the City to reduce the cost of repairs and protect the health of local residents.

If you want to learn more about gas leaks in Salem, visit SAFE’s Gas Leaks Resources page.

Merrimack Valley Gas Leak Explosions, September 2018

In September 2018, 50 homes in the Merrimack Valley exploded as the result of work being done on the natural gas infrastructure. Below are some take away learnings from that disaster:

Learn where the gas shut off valves are outside and inside your house and where the shut off valves are for all of your gas appliances.