Welcome to SAFE!

An all-volunteer organization, SAFE addresses local environmental challenges in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is a 400-year-old coastal city with a diverse population and a storied past. De-industrialization, climate change, tourism, and gentrification all impact our urban landscape. Through its advocacy and activism, SAFE, founded in 2001, has played a key role in making Salem a leader in meeting the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

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What We Do

SAFE is involved in multiple, interrelated campaigns to move our city toward a greener future.

Gas Leaks
Natural gas leaks kill trees and accelerate climate change. SAFE works with the Gas Leak Allies to reduce natural gas leaks, stop the building of new natural gas infrastructure, and advocate for a transition to carbon-neutral heating and cooling systems.

Environmental Justice
SAFE is working to ensure that the city’s low-income, immigrant and minority residents are not burdened with polluting industries and infrastructure.

Wind Power
SAFE supports building new off-shore wind installations off the North Shore and northern New England coast to power our homes and businesses. This wind resource could meet half New England’s power needs, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Re-imagining Salem
Bringing the community together to build a resilient and sustainable future.