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Twenty years and going strong!

Salem is a 400-year-old coastal city with a diverse population and a storied past. It is already feeling the impact of the climate crisis. As a local environmental organization, SAFE advocates for a just and equitable green energy transition that will ensure our city has a sustainable future.   

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What We Do

SAFE is involved in multiple, interrelated campaigns to move our city toward a greener future.

Wind Power
SAFE supports the building out of the Salem port to support new offshore wind installations off the New England coast. Offshore wind could meet half New England’s power needs, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. As part of a just transition, SAFE advocates for new jobs created by this industry to have strong labor protections and employ people of color, women, immigrants and others who have been excluded from high-quality employment.

Gas Transition
With less than a decade to transition our economy to renewables, SAFE opposes investing in natural gas infrastructure. We advocate for state and local policies and regulations that will speed the transition of residential and commercial heating and cooling away from gas, while providing the gas workforce new jobs in renewable energy.

Networked Geothermal
One promising solution for efficient heating and cooling of commercial and residential structures is networked geothermal energy. This is a system of ground source heat pumps connected to one another. The current gas pipes would carry water through our streets and into our homes rather than explosive natural gas or hydrogen. Networked geothermal is a viable path for a just transition that repurposes gas infrastructure, provides jobs, and reduces harmful pollution.        

Environmental Justice
SAFE embeds principles of environmental justice into all of its advocacy work. A transition to a green future must be fair and equitable and repair the damage done to communities of color by polluting industries.