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Grassroots generosity and community action are powerful forces for good, especially in turbulent times. We hope you’ll consider supporting SAFE to help us continue our advocacy for a just transition to a green future.

If you prefer to send a check, please mail your donation to SAFE, c/o David Rowand, 109 Columbus Ave. Salem, MA 01790.

SAFE is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible.

Why Support SAFE?

November 10, 2015. Salem, MA. Salem Alliance For the Environment (SAFE) Fundraiser Honoring Dolores Jordan at the Hawthorne Hotel. Gift presented by Collin Keegan. © 2015 Marilyn Humphries
Over 20 years, SAFE has been a powerful voice for the environment. In partnership with the city, we’ve helped to make Salem a more sustainable city and a leader among Massachusetts’ green communities. We’re proud of our accomplishments, which we could only achieve with your support:

Bringing  the off-shore wind industry to the 44 acres on Salem Harbor abutting the Footprint power plant.

Advocating for the city’s first energy manager, a position which eventually led to the newly formed Sustainability, Energy, and Resiliency Department;

Working with city leadership to achieve designation as a Green Community, which has been critical to bringing more resources to Salem;

Promoting solar energy for municipal buildings and residences as well as energy-efficient LED traffic lights, which are now used throughout Salem;

Educating the public about natural gas leaks and their impact on trees and health, mapping gas leaks throughout the city, and ensuring new trees are not planted near gas leaks;

Advocating for the city’s regional energy purchase agreement, which brings an option for 100 percent renewable energy to all Salem residents.

Urging the City to negotiate a Community Benefits Agreement with Footprint Power, which resulted in a safer plant and a beautiful landscaped garden for public use;   

Working with Clean Water Action and other allies to successfully close the highly polluting coal-fired power station;

Auditing the city’s energy bills to enable the city to make informed decisions about how to reduce fossil fuel use and save money.

There is still a tremendous amount to do to ensure that our city remains a great place to live. We will continue to expand our efforts to bring clean energy to Salem and the entire region while also working with the city to ensure we are prepared for the impact of a more volatile climate. Donate today!