What Does a Climate Deal Mean for the World?

Various New York Times writers and contributors reflect on how this deal will help the environment, or at least slow down climate change; and how it will affect world economies. [Thank you, SAFE Board Member Kathy Karch for finding this article.]

A group of 195 nations reached a landmark climate agreement on Saturday. Here is what it means for the planet, business and other areas.

Environmental activists and supporters at a rally in Los Angeles last week called for action on climate change. CreditMark Ralston/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

JUSTIN GILLIS: “…some of the consequences of an overheated planet might be avoided, or at least slowed, if the climate deal succeeds in reducing emissions. At the least, by requiring regular reviews, the deal lays a foundation for stronger action in the future…”

MELISSA EDDY: “It could aid the economies in technologically innovative places like the United States and Japan; create economic stars out of relatively poor countries with an abundance of sun and wind for renewable energy; or leave developing countries that are slow to adjust with an energy disadvantage…
“There will be greater emphasis on more efficient electrical products, homes and vehicles. Jobs could be created through the construction of a new energy infrastructure… Or, as Republicans warn, Americans could see a loss in jobs and American economic competitiveness, as developing economies with less stringent targets are allowed to grow at American’s expense…”

SEWELL CHAN: “The environment has not typically played a major role in voters’ choices, and the issue will most likely be overshadowed in the current election cycle by fears of terrorism, though the drought in California and severe weather in many parts of the country have raised concerns for many Americans…”

STANLEY REED: “The ambitious targets included in Saturday’s deal for limiting the rise in global temperatures may help companies involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency by expanding their markets…”