SALEM NEWS: Lawmakers want nuclear plant shuttered

Four state legislators are calling for the shutdown of Seabrook Nuclear
Plant, due to safety risks. Please thank them! Massachusetts State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives, Massachusetts State Representative James M. Kelcourse, Massachusetts State Senator Daniel A. Wolf, and Massachusetts State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante.

From Angeljean Chiaramida, Staff Writer (Jun 2, 2016) —

According to the legislators’ letter, there are three reasons why they want NextEra Energy Seabrook shuttered. First is the continuing concrete degradation condition known as alkali-silica reaction, or ASR, that affects the concrete walls at the power plant.

The second reason is the legislators believe that, should there ever be a problem at the power plant, “a timely, safe, and realistic evacuation of the (10-mile) evacuation zone and beyond in the case of a nuclear public safety risk is impossible.” They also believe the evacuation zone should be extended beyond the 10-mile radius.

Their last reason criticizes the NRC specifically.

“Thirdly, the NRC has failed to provide adequate oversight, particularly over the degradation that plagues the Seabrook Station,” they wrote in the letter. “The NRC’s lack of knowledge about the progression of the degradation combined with the non-existent regulatory track record on concrete degradation has already put people of New England at unknown risk.”

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sen kathleen o'connor ives
Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives