Jim Mulloy, New Co-Chair of SAFE

A ubiquitous North Shore climate activist takes on new leadership role

Jim Mulloy, a Salem resident since 2019, has stepped up to become SAFE’s next co-chair, joining Pat Gozemba in leading the organization. Jim has been living on the North Shore since 2016 and has been an active participant in SAFE since his arrival. He is also active in 350 Mass – Northshore Node, No Coal No Gas, and Extinction Rebellion. 

Jim Mulloy (right), along with other 350 MA activists, demanding Chase Bank stop funding the fossil fuel industry.

Jim, who was raised in Medford, MA, had a long career as a leukemia research scientist. Jim, along with his husband Rob Bonney, decided in 2015 to leave their careers and commit themselves to full-time organizing around the climate emergency. They left their home in Cincinnati and moved East to be closer to family.

“I was taught from an early age that we should give of ourselves whenever the opportunity arises and that service to community is a noble cause,” said Jim. “I always assumed my work as a cancer researcher would serve as my main contribution to society. As important as that career has been, I believe the work I am doing now with groups like SAFE will have a greater long-term positive impact on society. Through increased citizen engagement and the untapped power of the people, we can change the future, for all, for the better.”

I was taught from an early age that we should give of ourselves whenever the opportunity arises and that service to community is a noble cause.

–Jim Mulloy, co-chair of SAFE

In addition to climate work, Jim is an avid rollerblader, hiker, gardener, kayaker and skier. If you go to the beautiful beach walk in Nahant, you might find him zipping along on skates. It’s his happy place.

Jim is excited to serve as the co-chair of SAFE because of his belief in grassroots activism. He explained: 

“I believe relationship building at the local level is a critical part of the solution to most things, including the climate crisis. Communities that build trust and strong connections will be able to weather the coming storms. We will  make the right decisions for all community members by prioritizing those environmental justice communities that have suffered the most historically.”

Jim summarized his vision for SAFE, noting, “In our struggle to build an equitable, sustainable future, we will champion those strategies that further our goals; for example, bringing the offshore wind industry to Salem, while we also push back on the fossil fuel industry’s insidious expansion, as we see with the Peabody peaker plant in our neighboring city.” 

“Having Jim join me as co-chair of SAFE is totally energizing for me and our organization,” said Pat Gozemba, one of the original founders of SAFE. “Jim’s deep commitment to justice and his willingness to put himself on the line defying injustice thrills and inspires me. The scientific knowledge, vision, and bravery that he brings to every discussion and every political action that he engages in enlivens SAFE.”