Natural Gas Leaks Resource List

SAFE The Hidden Costs of Salem’s Gas Leaks, a public forum on 11.28.17, SATV (1:36:19)

 Salem News Editorial: Keep pressure on utilities to repair gas leaks 11.28.17

SAFE program for SATV, February 2016 (32 mins) overview of gas leaks, “Who Pays for Gas Leaks?” Home Energy and Efficiency Team of MA City maps of gas leaks including Salem

Metrowest Daily News: Thousands of area gas leaks poison environment, kill trees

Salem News (9.19.17): Gas Leaks Delay Tree Planting by Dustin Luca

Boston Globe (1.5.18): Trying to Keep So Many Trees in Salem from Dying by Bette Keva 

City of Salem: An Ordinance to amend an Ordinance regarding Management and Elimination of Natural Gas Leaks (proposed by Councilor Steve Dibble)

Natural Gas Health Impacts Symposium Boston University, January 30, 2018

MAPC (Patrick Roche) and HEET (Audrey Schulman) “Fixing Our Pipes” (2016) 93 pp. Model Practices for Cities

Video (4:05 mins) : Natural Gas Leaks Fuel Global Warming, Not Homes  featuring Prof. Nathan Phillips

Video (32 mins): SAFE program for SATV, February 2016, “Who Pays for Gas Leaks?

Video (64 mins)Gas Leaks Kill Trees, March 2017 featuring Prof. Nathan Phillips and David Eppley (LORAX)

Lost and Unaccounted Natural Gas (Boston University Research by Prof. Nathan Phillips)

Methane emissions from natural gas infrastructure and use in the urban region of Boston, Massachusetts,” (Dec. 2014), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA-Prof. Nathan Phillips is one of the authors.

*Mayor Driscoll Reflects on SAFE Gas Leaks Project and Council Resolution

Bob Ackley of Gas Safety Inc. on CBS-WBZ Commenting on Merrimack Valley Disaster

When you smell gas, call 911. Don’t become complacent—lulled into a false sense of security. Keep calling to get the leak(s) fixed. You should not be smelling gas.


SAFE Natural Gas Leaks Task Force : Patricia A. Gozemba, Kathy Karch, Stan Franzeen, and David Rowand