SAFEsolar-logo-squareSolar energy is good for the environment and good for your wallet!

SAFE Solar & Energy Advisors is promoting residential, commercial, and community solar energy to increase our clean energy footprint–in Salem, across the North Shore, and across the state.

I signed the contract signed April 7; system turned on July 1. A speedy project, indeed. Josh Mailloux, Boston Solar’s project manager, deftly handled the many moving parts. Now I spend time watching as the online data reading promises that I’m helping the environment and, for doing so, will receive a check every quarter for my Solar Renewable Energy Credit. The system is going to cook all summer!
  —Betsy Horne, Salem resident 

In a marketplace with a confusing number of solar companies and program options, we provide free, knowledgeable and impartial advice. Our goal is to help residents and businesses in Salem, and across Massachusetts, find a solar option that fits their needs.

Federal and state incentives–including tax credits and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates–make purchasing and installing solar panels a more affordable option than you might expect. And if buying panels doesn’t work for you, a power purchase  agreement (PPA) might!

What’s that? With a PPA, the solar company installs the panels on your house, and then charges you a reduced fee for the solar energy you produce. This reduces your overall energy bill.

Does it all seem too confusing? Contact our Solar Coach to provide independent and impartial advice. A Solar Coach will guide you through the process and help you analyze the costs and benefits of the various options.

Our free Solar Coach service includes:

  • An introduction to solar options: buying vs. a power purchase agreement (lease)
  • An independent and impartial review of solar company proposals and contracts
  • Recommendation of solar companies that SAFE has vetted and determined to offer the best pricing, equipment options, quality of installation, warranties and customer service.

If you have any of the following questions, the solar coach service is for you:

  • How do federal and state tax incentives make solar more affordable?
  • What are Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)?
  • Should I buy or lease my solar panels?
  • What is a power purchase agreement?
  • How do I assess the equipment and contract details offered by a solar installer?
  • If I rent my home, is there a way for me to invest in solar?

For solar coaching, contact SAFE at .

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