SAFE Opposes Section 42

On July 17 th, 2012, SAFE joined  New England Power Generators’ Association, (NEPGA), Toxics Action Center, Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA), Environment Mass, Clean Water Action, Sierra Club,  Occupy Salem and HealthLink in opposing legislation being considered by state lawmakers (House Bill 4225) which includes a condition (Section 42) that forces Massachusetts electric consumers to purchase power for the next 15 years from a new, natural gas power plant being built on the site of a retired coal plant.

SAFE also sent a message to legislators and the local new outlets that further qualified SAFE’s position:

Speaker Robert Deleo, President Therese Murray, Sen. Fred Berry and Members of the Joint Energy Conference Committee

Section 42 of the House Energy bill unfairly privileges new natural gas plants. The type of long-term contract proposed should be reserved for renewable energy projects that move the Commonwealth closer to its goals for reducing its carbon footprint. New gas projects should move forward only if they are economically feasible without rate payer or taxpayer subsidies. It is our understanding that the developers who recently purchased Salem Harbor station have a business plan for a quick-start gas plant that is economically viable without this sweetheart deal. Long term contracts should be reserved for renewables.

Thank you for your consideration.

Patricia A. Gozemba

Co-Chair, Salem Alliance for the Environment

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