SAFE SOLAR Kick-off: Get the low-down on rooftop solar!

Wednesday October 14
6:30-8:30 pmSAFE Solar Kick-Off-29Sep (1)
Bentley School
25 Memorial Drive

Tired of all the telemarketers and door to door canvassers trying to sell you a solar system for your home? Confused about all the options? Should you buy or lease your solar panels?

Get the answers you need at this free public forum sponsored by SAFE Solar.

Come and learn from people who have already benefited. Meet our SOLAR COACH and some of our local partners. Speakers will include Mayor Kim Driscoll, SAFE Solar Coach Jeff Cohen, Cabot Wealth Management’s Rob Lutts and Salem City Councillor Beth Gerard.

Today’s subsidies and tax credits make solar remarkably affordable for local homeowners. Attendees at this event will learn how to take advantage of the gen
erous financial incentives before they expire next year.

The SAFE Solar Coach is a professional consultant who provides FREE, informed and practical advice for people.

SAFE’s goal is to promote a greener plant and reduce the environmental costs of fossil fuels. Our Solar Coach is available to help local residents and businesses navigate the process of researching, evaluating and contracting the best possible solar option.

Be green and make some green! Don’t be sold a solar “bill of goods.” BE SMART ABOUT SOLAR!

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