SAFE’s new YouTube channel!

natural gas panel

From left to right: Kathy Karch, Vice-President of SAFE; Massachusetts State Senator Joan Lovely; and Massachusetts State Representative Paul Tucker.


​Many thanks are in order, but first of all please sign our online petition to stop gas leaks in Massachusetts! (or click on the image just underneath our logo at the top of this page).

​Our old videos from the 2010 channel are on the new channel (note: a 2010 rally is HERE), as well as the one we just produced in SATV‘s brand new studio: “Who Pays for Gas Leaks?”

​We thank everyone who participated in the production of this show; Kathy Karch, Vice-President of SAFE, who moderated; Massachusetts State Senator Joan B. Lovely (Salem); Massachusetts State Representative Paul Tucker (Salem); Professor Nathan Phillips of Boston University who gave us permission to use his video that so clearly explains the problem of gas leaks in our aging infrastructure; SAFE Co-Chair Pat Gozemba (production and coordination), SAFE Board Member and Webmaster Karen Kahn (production and coordination); the wonderfully helpful crew at Salem Access Television; and I suppose I’ll have to thank myself (Alan Hanscom) for being the technical director/editor (behind the curtain in the control room!).